Computer Society of India : IT Enabled Education Transformation

We recently delivered a seminar on Cognitive Research in Higher Education at CSI – Computer Society of India event. The theme of the event was “IT Enabled Education Transformation“. You can download the presentation from following link –

Download Cognitive Research in Higher Education

Other eminent speakers at the event include –

Enjoy the presentation and research that we have done.

Times Of India Coverage

Recently we held a seminar on eLearning. You can read about it in posts below. We received a coverage in India’s Leading News Paper, Times Of India.

Times Of India Newspaper Coverage

Download the complete coverage here.

Thanks everyone for their participation and Great job by the team!

We had tremendous response from Pune University affiliated colleges – K. K. Wagh College of Engineering (KKWCoE), N.D.M.V.P. CoE (NDMVP), Yeola CoE, Sandip Foundation, Brahma Valley, MET Bhujbal Knowledge City (Mumbai Educational Trust).

Getting Interactive!

Students learn at their best when they can interact with the instructional material. So we thought we could change the world of Engineering Graphics and drawing by providing more and more interactivity.

And you know what we were able to get some stunning results. We bounced this off several professors and Chairman of University Board of Studies. Leading experts across India, are appreciative of this concept!

You can try some online samples here –

And do let us know how do you find our creation and any suggestions you may have.

Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima Sanskrit Shloka

Indian culture treats Today’s day to celebrate Gurus. People today express their respect and love for their Gurus – Teachers, Parents, Professors, Mentors. Since Cognifront develops Educational Multimedia, it is one of our favorite days.

You can read more about Guru Purnima here.

New Product Announced : Engineering Graphics

We are very happy to announce a new product for Engineering Graphics & Drawing. Kindly check our product page for more information. We believe that this product will make a difference for millions of students who study Engineering Graphics around the world. 40% of male students and 20% of female students face difficulties with this subject since they lack Visualization skills required for this subject.


Cognifront team has our best to contribute and disseminate knowledge of this subject through this World Class product on Engineering Drawing.


Online Video Samples

* These are High Resolution samples. They require Broadband Internet connection.

    Orthographic Projection #1     Orthographic Projection #2
    Auxiliary Views & Projections     Missing Views
    Orthographic Projection #3     Projection of Solids

And Product Page is here.

We had a Blast @ Launch Event!

It was a great event that whole team brought to fruition. All arrangements were made by each leader on that front. We thought we will publish this event in the form of some snaps of important milestones on that day. So here they are!

Preparing Demo Kits to be given away.

Registration process getting crowded.

Prof. M. L. Dabhade arriving for the event. He is an eminent Author of leading Engineering Graphics book for Pune University.

Registration process getting crowded.

Registration process getting crowded – with our own people!

Give Away Demo Kit – This was an instant hit! People, who couldn’t make it for conference, came asking for this!

Professors enjoying tea with Prof. Dabhade – an eminent Author of leading Engineering Graphics book for Pune University.

Sachin & Superna on Registration Counter

Prof. G. J. Vikhe, Chairman of Board of Studies Mechanical Engineering, Pune University (right). with Er. Kothari (left), Secretary of The Institution of Engineers (INDIA), Nashik Local Chapter

Audience from Pune, Yeola, Sangamner, Pravara (Loni) reached the venue earlier.

Aparna delivering Welcome Speech.

Dignitaries on the Stage for felicitation.

Meghana, CEO Cognifront, welcoming the audience.

Er. D. D. Shinde from MET, showed Demo of the Engineering Graphics product.

Prof. Dabhade, sharing his experience and advise for the new generation of professors.

House Full Audience! Thanks for coming, everyone!

Prof. G. J. Vikhe, delivered inspiring speech to urge professors for using eLearning. He congratulated Cognifront and mentioned that professors help Cognifront improve even further.

Rajneesh and Sandesh doing some fun before the event.

Abhijit, Sandesh, and Superna at the venue.

Food was excellent! Awesome preparations liked by everyone!

More than 80+ Professors, 5+ Principals, and 10+ Head of Departments made it an incredible audience along with IEI staff and friends and families.

Mr. Gupta sharing his experience.

Superna delivering excellent Thank You note.

Post-session Enjoyment – old friends joking, having fun!