How A Leader Should Be

Everybody knows the importance of a good leader. Leaders have always been there throughout the history of mankind. Whether we take an example of a leader in a family in the Stone Age times or leader in medieval history or in the current generation of digital marketing, the presence and importance of a leader have always been felt. Although present times have changed enormously with those of the previous times, a society of no matter which time period it is from always looks upon its leaders to guide them.

Any organization, state, sports team, or even a family cannot run successfully without an effective leader. There seems to be some key way and qualities for a person to become an effective and influential leader.

A good leader always has to possess knowledge. It is of diminutive importance that how much he is educated. Education imbibes skills while leadership qualities are initiated by the person himself. Many a time, a street smart person turns out to be a great leader, not because of education but because of knowledge. This is a global thing. Several educational qualifications are required to become government officials but there is no particular formula required for a leader. Taking an example of a flock of sheep and a dog may prove to be helpful here. If we consider the flock to be a team which provides wool and milk, thus our educated class and the herding dog who guides them and help them to be together to provide better products, a smart leader then we can understand this. This type of leader can work great to be a minister of some place but not in a technical field.

All people must have acknowledged someone in their lives, a person with a personality who is absolutely perfect in his skills and is the best in domain. Leaders may not be good in teaching their skills to others. Therefore, education need not provide a good leader every time. Many ministers in many countries aren’t educated, but that doesn’t stop them to become a leader. Their communication skills and knowledge about people in general are more than enough to have a potential to lead a country. Largely, sometimes even the most educated one knows that he must get a good guide above him, to show him his path.

Leaders always have been good with people. They have the orating power which can influence people. His orating skills should be sharp and succinct. He should not be personal, but can use personal experience to induce confidence in his team. Many of us in our personal lives, long to a have a great leader among us. In today’s time of entrepreneurship, if we a have a technical developer and a market enthusiast, they both would want a good leader. Leader should be able to provide a delightful environment for the workers to produce good results.
A good leader is aware of the fact that getting the best out of anybody is essential. His own work in his team should be commendable. The initiation and a strong base for any project should be set him. He should be able to plan out things. Planning of any sort is very important in a system. His planning should be in such a way that it independently empowers his workers and gives them freedom to put forward their best work. With his planning he should have a mind vision of the process of the whole work. He should take a flexible approach in his work and should know how to reroute a path, if some process takes time.
Apart from his own work, a leader will help to build a strong leadership quality in him should be his ethics and courage. We see that morality is everywhere. His followers would be well informed how moral he is. And in this field, it would turn out to be a huge boost in his worker’s mind to see that their leader values ethics . A well established moral code mixed with courage would take the impression of a leader for his team on skies. If we put our self in the shoes of a worker and where his leader shows raw and brutal courage for risks , we can easily imagine the strong positive vibes coming. Good moral values not only keep in check with the behavior of the leader, but also with the followers.

A leader knows he has a team or workers or a society behind him. He must be willing to admit his mistakes whenever been done. A relation between a leader and his team should be understood completely. As in any relation trust is the building blocks of that relation, so as in this one. An employee can always show his trust to his company by being loyal to it and giving his maximum effort every time the company asks for it. But, for a leader, gaining trust of his fellow workers is of extreme importance. The simple and most effective way is to be honest with them. Leader is also a human and thus eventuality would bring out a mistake in him. A smart and great leader must take this opportunity of his mistake and declare his apologies to his team members.

True test of leader anywhere, comes during a time of emergency or a big crisis.Any sign of panic would not be well taken by his subjects. He must show great patience during these times. He would have to work with his team to get to a suitable solution of the problem. Taking everybody together would help to overcome the situation.

Becoming a great leader is an art and to master this art one must have these many qualities. We have seen in the past how not having a good leadership system caused havoc .The mighty Mughal Empire fall down after the fall of Aurangzeb. Before that, the Mughals had ruled India, for more than 300 years only because of majestic leaders like Akbar. All time great leaders like Julius Caesar, Adolf Hitler, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi etc, all these have been able to be great leaders by their work ethics and people skill. The society always needs a good leader. Without a good leader, even the best of minds would struggle to comprehend their thoughts.
Any leader must be resourceful. He should see his skilled team as resource. He should know where to use what resource. Also he must be answerable to his colleagues. An interaction is a must where the leader listens to the many ideas and gets a feed back of his work. Maintaining a family like atmosphere is very significant. What must be completely avoided by the leader is to form any kind of biased favor for anyone. There should be no hierarchical clusters be allowed to form in the work. A leader must always possess qualities of a judge. His good judgement in cases of conflicts would be important.


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