Social networking damaging our culture…..???


Social-Networking sites have taken the world by a storm leading to nothing less than a revolution. A lot of concern has been voiced about these sites taking over our lives. One of the major issues is that its changing the mind-set of the youth. Social media pushes the virtual friend count to new heights but the culture as a whole is getting even more isolated.

Statistics says that WhatsApp has more than 450 million monthly active users worldwide and around 50 billion messages per day and Facebook has 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide. In America there can be need of these kind of social media as people there do not a great social life, people in America are quite lonely but here in India the case is different since childhood we make good bonds with the people outside, we do have friends.


We are growing up in a world where our popularity is directly proportional to the number of likes and the comments we get on our Photoshop enhanced picture .this is the virtual world in which today’s generation is living. This definitely has an impact on the psychology of children.

At any hangout or get together more time is spend on clicking pictures and uploading them on the virtual world rather than enjoying the event. Then begins the flood of likes and comments. The social networking sites and the culture they created is thus breeding ground for vain, self-obsessed younger generation.

From an outside view digital interaction seems to be cold and inhuman. The bond that we build up here is an electronic bond. Given the choice between poking someone and hugging someone, I think we all can agree which one feels better.

Social networking is surely bringing us “closer to the people we are far away from” but it is also taking us “farther from the people we are close enough”. Social media simultaneously draws us nearer and distances us. Why a mother has to compliment here daughter on Facebook? Is there any need to express your love to your mother, father, husband, wife or brother on Facebook ? Do we really need to wish mother’s day and father’s day on Facebook ? Give it a thought…Instead if we in person will wish them or compliment them, it will be more realistic and the bond between two will become more stronger.

Our real life social networks are hugely important, and vanishing. The streets in the cities these days looks like a ghost town; there is not a single soul to be seen. People only emerge to go to and come back from work. Even the kids are inside buried in internet and video games.

Whatsapp is ruining our relationships:

  • The last seen feature of the app has led to many arguments that have resulted in nasty breakups or negativity among relationships. It’s funny how people give so much of importance’s to last seen. If the last seen is 3:30am and I spoke to him at 1:30 last, what was he up after that? Has become the universal pain all over.
  • As if the last seen was not enough whatsapp introduced the “Blue ticks” to inform you when your message has been read. If people don’t see a reply in this case then psychologically they start thinking in a negative sense as why She/he is ignoring me? Not even cared to reply after seeing my message…Don’t want to talk to me?? Don’t have time for me?? I will also not message him here after and so on…the negativity flows ruining the relation.


  • The word ‘peace’ vanished from our vocabulary after whatsapp groups came along. Constant phone beeping, senseless forwards and an unnecessary usage of the abbreviation “lol” for not appearing rude has driven us to distraction. You are rude if you don’t reply on a group. Watch out you are constantly being judged.
  • Recent news on 13th oct 2015 says “A newlywed women only 20 years old named Aparna from Kerala region hangs herself because her Indian husband took away her phone as she was always on Facebook and whatsapp.”
  • Indian ladies detective from Delhi says Most people`s marriages were fine until they started using Facebook and whatsapp. The social media boom is playing havoc with Indian urban marriages. there are 3500 private detective agencies in Delhi alone, many run by women investigating unfaithful husbands and wives.
  • One of the case claims that a wife was cheating her husband with a man she had met on Facebook. The man had flown from South Africa for a date with her.
  • Paliwal, 38, a successful private detective from Delhi said “Earlier cheating was one- sided. Now it’s two-sided. The culprit, she says, is technology: “Most of the people who come to me have been married for 8 to 10 years. Their marriages were going fine until they started to copy youngsters and got into habit of using Facebook and whtasapp. Many of them go too far into it ruining their families.

It is important to be protective about one’s culture and values. When we are constantly distracted by social media how can we give due attention and energy towards our own culture? This is exactly what is happening to Indian women’s who are home makers and spending time on social media. If this continues we are sure to lose sight of our rich cultural values and start adopting superficial and temporary fad.

We can get rid of this by setting time constraints: It is important that we should limit ourselves from using whatsapp and Facebook. Try and control the urge of checking your account every minute when you are working, studying, or hanging out with friends. There’s a need to regulate its usage.


Years later looking back on our teen years, do we want to remember spending time bothering about an virtual world where we are judged on how we ‘portray’ ourselves to be. Do we want to be informed about what’s going on in people’s lives? And while we sit doing nothing constructive?

I am sure deep inside each one of us would rather see ourselves doing something productive towards our career, society and the world for better tomorrow. The social networking media has revolutionized the world, bringing us closer than even before, making life easier than it was before. We can exploit and use this even for a better life, a better tomorrow. It should be used to connect, stay in touch easily, share views and not waste time on.


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